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Our customers often wish to rent a Jet Ski in Tenerife and sometimes disappointed why do we do not water jet bikes and only offering Jet Ski Safaris in Tenerife. So, why there are no Jet Ski rentals in Tenerife?


There are a few reasons why.


First – it because we care about your safety! 

You go on a water jet ski bike in Tenerife not to a river, not to a lake and even not to a sea, you’re going into the open Ocean, surrounding Tenerife island. If you lost on a river, a lake or even in a sea, there’s quite easy to find you, if you do not return back at the planned time. But what about the Ocean? Imagine you went into the open ocean, then experienced some technical problems or just have no more fuel in your water jet bike. It will be very hard, if possible at all, to find you and your water jet bike in the ocean. Also there are a few oceanic currents by the island, therefore, if your jet ski bike will stop before the night and then taken by the current, there are almost no chances to find you in the ocean.


Second – it because we care about marine life!

Some animals like whales and dolphins have the best sonar systems and, even you’re going very fast on your water jet bike, they can control their and your position to avoid a crash. But there are also unique sea turtles living in the waters of Tenerife, they are slow and quite big animals and you on a water jet bike simply too fast for them – if your courses will cross, you will kill or seriously injure a turtle.


Third – it because our guides will lead you the right way!

Taking the water Jet Ski Safari in Tenerife by Tenerife Host, you are always going in a small group of 4 to 9 water jet bikes following a leading fast boat with our guides, who take care of your safety. They will lead you the right way, to avoid underwater rocks right under the water surface, they will go slowly through the areas where you can meet dolphins, whales and turtles. Moreover, you will have a real fun, because our guides also know where you can drive your water jet ski bike extremely fast, jump and slide the waves, visit some interesting place along the coast of Tenerife, like underwater caves, grottos, fish farms, hidden beaches, etc.

These are main reasons why not only Tenerife Host, but on one else do not offer Jet Ski rentals in Tenerife.

If you are interested to know more about the Jet Ski Safety, we also recommend this article.

Tenerife Host offers the best possible Jet Ski safari in Tenerife.


We will pick-up you right from your hotel anywhere in Los Cristianos, Las Americas or Costa Adeje and will take you to the small marine in Las Galletas where after short instructions we will start our exciting ride.

We firstly go along the coast of Malpais de La Rasca – beautiful nature reserve with rocky volcanic coastline. That’s the unique place to enjoy a jet ski ride, because all the waves along the natural reserve are going parallel to the shore, so you can enjoy jumping and sliding the big oceanic waves. Later we will visit fish farms in the open ocean near the Palm Mar village and later on the way leeds us into the big cave in the cliffs between the Palm Mar and Los Cristianos.

After visiting the cave we go along the southern coast, passing Los Cristianos harbour, beaches of Las Americas and Costa Adeje to stop by the Hippie Beach where we swimming and snorkelling before we go back to the marina of Las Galletas.

We offer both single and double jet ski bikes.

To book this jet ski safari in Tenerife, please, visit our official website and choose the 2 hour option to book, sending us your booking massage.